Current Projects

MALAWI. 2019. Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

The Government of Malawi and their development partners are jointly working towards an integrated pharmaceutical supply chain, with the aim of ensuring efficient and timely delivery of health commodities and essential medicines to the population.

SUDAN. 2019. Strengthening the Routine Immunization Programme.


Assisting the Government of Sudan with planning for new vaccine storage equipment and replacing outdated equipment in some 2,000 health facilities country-wide. The new equipment will be delivered and installed over a period of 3 years and is co-funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 2019. Data for Management (D4M) Initiative.


The D4M Initiative is a key strategy to establish a data-driven culture at all levels of the immunization supply chain. REMM Consult works with GAVI and UNICEF to make vaccines available to all children, with the ultimate aim of reducing child morbidity and mortality.

GLOBAL. 2019. Revision of the PtD HR for SCM Assessment Guide and Tool.


In collaboration with USAID and the People that Deliver (PtD) Initiative, develop and update the  HR for Supply Chain Management assessment tool.

ETHIOPIA. 2018. Curriculum Development, Addis Ababa University.


REMM Consult has acquired substantial experience, both in Supply Chain/Logistics and Humanitarian Assistance in emergency situations. The University of Addis Ababa has requested us to assist in developing curriculum for their Masters Programme in Supply Chain Management. Ethiopian academics will be trained to deliver this module independently for future Masters students.

LESOTHO. 2018. Training Needs Assessment of Immunization Staff.


REMM Consult has a long history of working with the Ministry of Health in Lesotho. This time we  facilitate a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis of Immunization Staff at all levels of the health system, as the basis for a five-year Training Plan.

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