Cape Town
South Africa

2022-2024: Training Township Entrepreneurs

Global Projects

2024 EAST TIMOR: Standard Operating Procedures

2024 SOLOMON ISLANDS, NAURU, NIUE: Assessing the Vaccine Supply Chain

2023 TUVALU, TONGA, VANUATU: Assessing the Vaccine Supply Chain

2022 SUDAN: Strengthening of the Vaccine Supply Chain

2021 SOUTH SUDAN: HIV Commodities Supply Chain

2021 GLOBAL: Support to Gavi COVAX Facility

2021 LEBANON: Strengthening the COVID Vaccine Supply Chain

2020 UKRAINE: Human Resources for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

2020 GLOBAL: Application of Blockchain Technology to Track & Trace Vaccines

2020 CAMBODIA: Training for Vaccine Warehouse Managers

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