Previous Projects

2020 INDONESIA: Information Systems for the Immunization Supply Chain

2019-2020 SYRIA: Immunization Services for Displaced Populations

2019 MALAWI: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

2019 SUDAN: Routine Immunization Services

2019 PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Data for Management (D4M) Initiative

2019 GLOBAL: Review of Supply Chain Assessment Tools

2018 ETHIOPIA: Curriculum Development, Addis Ababa University

2018 LESOTHO: Training Needs Assessment of Immunization Staff

2017 UKRAINE: HR Strategy for Central Procurement Agency for Pharmaceuticals

2017 STATE OF PALESTINE: Strengthening the Health Supply Chain

2017 PACIFIC OCEAN ISLANDS: Supporting Infant Immunization

2017 CAMBODIA: Supporting the National Immunization Program

2017 INDONESIA: Strengthening the Immunization Supply Chain

2017 SUDAN: Developing a Training Strategy for the National Medical Supplies Fund (NMSF)

2014-2016 EAST AND SOUTHERN AFRICA: HR Strengthening for Immunization

2014 DENMARK: Cold Chain Market Research 

2010-2013 LESOTHO: Strengthening the Health Care System

2012 SOUTH SUDAN: Using Tablets for Education

2012 NIGERIA: Assessment of Health Infrastructure