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The purpose of this publication is to equip Christians to answer Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations. This guide helps you to make an initial contact with a non-believer and share the Good News in a relaxed and non-threatening way. The guide can be used for personal development or for groupwork, for example in church home groups.

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Your donations support the Living Hope Project. Living Hope is a Christian ministry in Cape Town and East London, South Africa, established in the year 2000 through the efforts of King of Kings Baptist Church. Since its establishment, Living Hope has grown and matured from a fledgling local church ministry to a complex, multi-faceted organisation that employs over 200 staff, mobilises hundreds of volunteers per year and now reaches over 100,000 clients annually. Living Hope remains at the forefront of cutting-edge interventions in breaking the despair of poverty and disease, and are widely accredited. For more information about Living Hope, click here.

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