About Us

Our aim is to contribute to the development of human capacity and organisational structures in the service sector in resource-poor settings, as a means to alleviate poverty, disease and despair. These are some of our earlier projects.

SOUTH AFRICA. 2017. REMM Consult continues to support the Living Hope Project in Cape Town. Living Hope provides support to Township communities – seeking to impact South Africa’s Southern Cape Peninsula with a holistic approach to human development.


We produced a music video to raise awareness and support for the Living Hope Project. Check it out here.

EAST AND SOUTHERN AFRICA. 2014-2016. Immunization remains one of the most important public health interventions to reduce child morbidity and mortality. Skilled Human Resources (HR) in the health supply chain are critical to successful immunization programs.

On behalf of UNICEF, we undertook HR assessments in seven countries in the region: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Lesotho, Kenya and Malawi.

DENMARK. 2014. Contribute to the development of technologies to safeguard vaccines as they are procured from global manufacturers and distributed to countries in need.


Support the development and implementation of human resources assessments, training packages and professional development plans for governments in East and Southern Africa, with a focus on the Immunization Supply Chain. Check out the UNICEF Supply Division website.

LESOTHO. 2010-2013. Improving the health status of the people of Lesotho.


By way of supporting an array of health sector interventions, including the rehabilitation of health infrastructure, the decentralization of health services and a Health Facility Survey of 152 facilities [USA-MCC funded].

SOUTH SUDAN. 2012. Using tablets for education – supporting a project by War Child Holland.


Teachers are equipped with handheld devices that contain offline learning and teaching resources. A positive assessment of the pilot project led to implementation in a larger number of schools.

NIGERIA. 2012. Nigeria is one of the few countries not yet polio-free.  Transmission of the virus is threatening to spread into other countries.


REMM Consult undertook an assessment in 10 northern states of Nigeria to determine the need for investment in building structures, Cold Chain equipment, transport and IT equipment [EU funded].