Brain Teasers

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1. Reverse

[Difficulty Level: Easy]

2. Chickens, eggs, bananas

[Difficulty Level: Medium]

3. Match Sticks

What is the largest number you can make by moving just two matches?

[Difficulty Level: Medium]

4. Ages of Children

Two brunettes (!) are talking about the children. One says that she has three daughters. The product of their ages equals 36 and the sum of the ages coincides with the number of the house across the street. The second brunette replies that this information is not enough to figure out the age of each child. The first agrees and adds that the oldest daughter has the beautiful blue eyes. Then the second solves the puzzle. What are the children’s ages? [Difficulty level: Medium]

[Difficulty Level: Medium]

5. 12 Balls

You have 12 balls and a balance. One of the balls differs in weight from the others (it is either lighter or heavier). Find the different ball by using the balance only three times. [Difficulty Level: Hard]

[Difficulty Level: Difficult]

Have a brain teaser to share? Tell us.

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